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Professional Support

for Seniors & People with Behavioral Health Issues

Programs That Offer Dignity & Community

Everyone deserves to live a happy, dignified life. Crosskeys delivers Behavioral Health programs and seniors' programs at our location and throughout Fayette County.


Volunteer Dinner

Aging Division

Many seniors feel isolated, especially at mealtimes. We provide transportation to allow seniors to come to our center for a warm meal and some excellent company. Simply sharing food with friends can make a world of difference in the lives of older adults. We also operate a meal delivery service that provides warm meals for clients to enjoy in their homes. This service operated five days a week, and we deliver within 10 miles of our location.

Aging Programs

Crosskeys Senior Centers provide services to people 60 years old and older in Brownsville and Republic. Free transportation is provided along with a hot noon meal Monday through Friday. Closed Holidays. Volunteers are always needed for delivering homebound meals.  


Brownsville Senior Citizen Program
302 Shaffner Avenue, Brownsville, PA 15417
Contact Luann McDonald, Aging Director (724) 785-6180 Ext. 12 for more information.

Republic Senior Citizen Program
34 Fairgarden Street, Republic, PA 15475
Janet McCoy, Center Coordinator (724) 246-7740

Behavioral Health Division

Behavioral health is an extremely important part of overall health — and of the health of our community. We run live-in and day programs for people struggling with behavioral health issues. We also provide other services that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Licensed Professionals

At Crosskeys, we maintain high standards of professionalism. Our founder is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP), and our behavioral health programs are delivered by licensed professionals.

Merrily Playing Instruments

Community Residential Rehabilitation

Crosskeys C.R.R. is in operation 365 days a year to Fayette County residents 18 years of age and older who suffer mental and/or psychiatric disorders.

The C.R.R. Program is a voluntary live-in program designed to help people overcome his/her disorders and become productive members of society.

The C.R.R. Staff assists the consumers by setting feasible goals and objectives, offering support and instructions, but at the same time, requiring consumers to apply themselves in order to progress toward completion of the program.

Community Residential Rehabilitation Program
123 Brownsville Ave., 121 High St. & 437 High St. Brownsville, PA 15417
Contact Megan Behary, Behavioral Health Coordinator (724) 785-6180 ext. 15, for more information.

123 Brownsville Ave., Brownsville, PA 15417

123 Brownsville Ave.,
Brownsville, PA 15417

121 High St. Brownsville, PA 15417

121 High St., 
Brownsville, PA 15417

437 High St. Brownsville, PA 15417

437 High St., 
Brownsville, PA 15417

Supportive Housing

The Crosskeys Supportive Housing (SH) Program is a voluntary on-going support service designed to assist Behavioral Health consumers locate and/or maintain affordable, quality housing in the community of their choice.

Supportive Housing Program
302 Shaffner Avenue, Brownsville, PA 15417
Contact Jacie Cheatham, Supportive Housing Coordinator (724) 785 6180 Ext. 23, for more information.

 23 South Gallatin Avenue, Uniontown, PA 15401

123 Brownsville Ave., Brownsville, PA 15417

Youth Psychiatric Rehabilitation Reception

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program Site Based-Mobile

Psychiatric Rehabilitation assists persons 18 years or older, with functional disabilities resulting from mental illness to develop, enhance, and/or retain psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal adjustment and/or independent living competencies, so that they experience more success and satisfaction in the environments of their choice and can function as independently as possible. A planned program of goal setting, functional assessment, identification of needed and preferred skills and supports, skill teaching and managing supports and resources are needed to produce the desired outcomes consistent with a person's cultural environment. Psychiatric rehabilitation programs are founded on the principles of consumer choice and the active involvement of persons in their rehabilitation. It is guided by the basic philosophy that people with disabilities need opportunities to identify and choose for themselves their desired roles in the community with regard to living, learning, working and/or social environments.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program
Uniontown Site: 23 South Gallatin Avenue, Uniontown, PA 15401

Brownsville Site and Youth Psych Rehab: 123 Brownsville Ave., Brownsville, PA 15417

For more information, contact Bernadette Behary, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Director                (724) 438-3756 or (724) 785-6500.

Youth Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Crosskeys offers a Youth Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program – a new and exciting program that is a pilot program and the first of its kind in the state of Pennsylvania. The Youth Psych Rehab is geared toward young people, ages 14 – 26, and is designed to help them learn skills in the areas of living, learning, working, and socialization. Individuals develop goals and objectives and the Practitioners track their progress. Group sessions are designed to encourage participation and focus on building skills through role-playing and discussions.

Contact Bernadette Behary for more information at (724) 785-6500.

Archive Drop-In Center

Archives Drop-In Center

The Archives Drop-In Center was developed by Crosskeys Human Services, Inc.
The center focuses on providing social rehabilitation for persons in a relaxed, enjoyable non-threatening environment. The facility provides recreational activities and equipment for individuals "at risk" for, or having history of psychiatric problems. The Archives offers consumers support to try and meet each unique need while focusing on them to achieve independence. The center provides many opportunities for consumers to make their own choices to benefit their lifestyle, while increasing self-esteem and motivation to achieve success. 

Archives Drop-In Center Program
121 High Street, Brownsville, PA 15417
Contact Carolyn Ashford, Drop-In Coordinator (724) 785-0130, for more information.